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The more informed you are about your building’s environmental impact, the more empowered you are to improve it.

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About FirstService Energy

FirstService Energy is the energy management and advisory subsidiary of FirstService Residential, the largest manager of residential communities in North America. Our energy experts help our clients significantly enhance their building’s energy efficiency by developing strategies to reduce energy costs, consumption, and emissions.

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Our Mission

To enhance our property management business by leading our clients to reduce energy consumption, cost, and emissions.

FirstService Energy, the energy management and advisory affiliate of FirstService Residential, was established to help clients significantly enhance their building’s efficiency by providing data and support to boards and managers to drive informed decision making.

One of the most important ways we add value for our clients is through our proprietary FSdata database, which compiles years of energy usage data for hundreds of residential and commercial buildings.This comprehensive information enables our energy experts to use a forensic approach to measure your building’s energy efficiency. By creating benchmarking and comparing your building’s energy performance against that of similar buildings in our database, we can determine its Building Energy Rating Guide (BERG) score. The lower your score, the more opportunity there is for improvement.

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