Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power, and to help our clients make informed decisions about energy usage, our analysts perform utility benchmarking. Utility benchmarking is the measurement of the energy and water consumption for a single building, or group of buildings, and the comparison of that usage against other similar buildings. Our experts use this data to produce custom Energy Report Cards that illustrate your building’s historic energy consumption and benchmarking comparison.

Invaluable Insight Into Energy Usage

Over time, energy benchmarking has provided immense value to building owners and on-site
staff, resulting in decreased emissions and increased cost savings. Our unique proprietary
database is populated with historical energy data from thousands of buildings all over the
U.S., allowing us to compare buildings within the FirstService Residential portfolio and
nationally — regardless of fuel source, age, size, and differing amenities. Our clients have
access to detailed energy reporting, a value-add that provides invaluable insight into their
association’s energy use, better enabling them to craft a smart energy plan with efficiency
measures that lower energy costs and improve energy performance.