Knowledge Is Power

The more informed you are about your building’s environmental impact, the more empowered you are to improve it. FirstService Energy takes a holistic approach to energy management by applying state-of-the-art data analysis to evaluate your property’s energy consumption.

The core of our success is our proprietary FSdata benchmarking database, which comprises comprehensive historical data for hundreds of residential buildings spanning a variety of building types. We measure your building’s current and past energy performance against this database to determine its Building Energy Rating Guide (BERG) score – enabling you to gauge your building’s efficiency compared to similar properties. The lower your score, the more opportunity exists to improve.

Using advanced analytics and in-depth reporting, our energy experts compile all of your building’s data into a customized Energy Report Card that includes charts and graphs encompassing:

  • Potential annual cost savings opportunity
  • Energy usage and cost benchmarking
  • Weather normalized energy consumption
  • Historical energy consumption by commodity
  • Carbon emissions impact

Our Energy Report Card arms you with valuable insight surrounding your property’s energy performance and can help to identify problems and seize opportunities that may not be obvious.