Water and Sewer Bill Auditing

The Gramercy Receives $340K Credit for 3-Year Water Bill Problem

Challenge: The Gramercy House Condo in Manhattan requested that FirstService Energy investigate inordinately high water bills spanning three years. A 333-unit property with first floor commercial portions, the building is serviced by two meters, one read remotely and the other on-site.

Solution: Following nearly six months of investigation and research, FirstService Energy determined and documented that the building was indeed overbilled, though the cause was somewhat surprising. While the remote-capable meter readings were correct, the on-site readings by Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) technicians consistently were overstated because the meter was unusually difficult to read.

Savings: FirstService Energy argued the issue with DEP, and The Gramercy received a $340,000 credit for the overcharges plus previous payments of late fees. FirstService Energy also arranged for the DEP to pay for the problematic meter’s replacement.