Energy Assessments & Advisory Services

First Service Energy’s complimentary energy assessments often identify solutions without the need for costly surveys or full energy audits.

Our energy experts take a forensic approach to improving efficiency that begins by analyzing your building’s current and historical energy consumption to determine its Building Energy Rating Guide (BERG) score. We then benchmark its efficiency by comparing it to similar properties in our database.

Next we visit your property to evaluate its energy infrastructure and identify specific opportunities for improving efficiency, increasing the comfort of occupants, and extending equipment longevity. Our thorough inspection – which considers both operations & maintenance (O&M) and energy conservation measures – encompasses your building’s heating and cooling equipment, electrical and lighting systems, domestic hot water systems, and building envelope.

Our O&M evaluation identifies whether your building’s systems are performing per design requirements. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, well-executed O&M programs can save 5% to 20% on annual energy bills without significant capital investments. These no- or low-cost measures can enhance overall building performance immediately.

Our energy conservation evaluation assesses the benefits of retrofitting or replacing systems that are near or at the end of their useful life with more advanced technology and efficient systems that will begin saving energy and money almost immediately.

Building Operations & Maintenance

We measure all the services required to ensure that a property’s systems perform per design and owner requirements. These no-cost or low-cost measures can enhance overall building performance immediately.

According to the US Department of Energy, well-executed O&M programs can reduce annual energy bills by 5% to 20% without significant capital investments.

Energy Conservation

We measure capital improvements that focus on retrofit or replacement of specific systems. These include electrical and lighting systems, HVAC systems, building envelope and domestic hot water systems.

Replacing systems near or at the end of their useful life with more advanced and efficient technology will save energy and money almost immediately.

Energy Assessment Report

The information is compiled into an Energy Assessment Report that includes recommended measures for improvement. The Energy Assessment Team can also recommend vendors and contractors who can provide the best efficiency solutions.

FirstService Energy and Data Analysis

FirstService Energy’s Advanced Energy Analysis service combines on-site mechanical system diagnostics, historical energy usage analysis, weather normalization, building typology analysis, and rates modeling. Looking at this range of data allows buildings to identify improvements in energy efficiency, provide accurate energy cost projections, develop building wide energy plans and target specific energy projects that provide the maximum savings.

Items Analyzed Outcomes
On-site mechanical system diagnostics Identify energy efficiency improvements
Historical energy use Provide accurate energy cost projections
Weather normalization Develop building-wide energy plans
Building typology analysis Target projects that provide maximum savings
Rates modeling