Archive - FAQ Part 1

How is FirstService Energy different from other energy consultants?

FirstService Energy aims to deliver both energy savings and stability to FirstService Residential properties. To that end, FirstService Energy is concerned with a long-term approach to the energy market as well as short- and long-term savings. Other energy consultants are focused on short-term offers.

Does FirstService Energy issue reports comparing my building’s pricing to the utilities’ pricing?

Yes, FirstService Energy issues reports comparing the costs against the utility.

Does a building’s participation in the aggregation program affect the individual apartments in the building?

No, this program applies only to the common areas of a building.

How is the aggregation energy product different from the local utility’s supply?

Just like the local utility’s supply, the blended rate that we contract for is variable in nature. However, we minimize risk by locking in the “adder” portion (Ancillaries and Capacity charges) and buying index energy at the wholesale rate which is tied to the NYMEX. While one portion (the energy portion) will float at the […]

What if I join and then decide that I do not want to be part of it?

Clients are enrolled for a period of one year for electricity and/or natural gas and have the opportunity to re-enroll in the program each year.

How will this program help my building reduce its energy spend?

Your building will benefit from aggregated purchasing power. In addition to a small reduction in sales tax, your building will no longer pay a Merchant Function Charge (an administrative expense charged by the utility that you are currently paying as a result of buying your supply from them).

What is the cost to participate?

While there is no cost to your building to participate, FirstService Energy does receive compensation from energy suppliers for running the program. An administrative fee of $.002/kwh for electric and $.02/therm for gas is paid to FirstService Energy directly by the suppliers.

What is the duration of the contract?

All contracts are for a 12-month term beginning either June 1 or October 1.

How is the contract process handled?

Each Energy Service Company (ESCO) requires that you enter into a contract/agreement for the purchase of electricity and/or natural gas. Though pricing is based on all buildings in the group, each building has its own contract that reflects pricing, terms and conditions. Contracts are negotiated and signed on behalf of each building by FirstService Residential.

How do I join the FirstService Energy aggregation group?

Eligible properties are notified of the program each spring and fall. To participate, a member of the board completes and signs an Authorization Form and returns it to FirstService Energy by the due date.