What types of provisions will be included in the contract?

All contracts will be reviewed by FirstService Energy and may include the following provisions: Term – States the dates the contract is in effect and any renewal provisions; states if renewals are automatic or need subsequent approval. Pricing – Establishes the price per energy unit (kWh, therm, ccf, MCF) and notes how taxes are treated, […]

If there is a power outage, what happens to my property if I have moved my accounts to a supplier?

Nothing changes. The same local utility service team will be dispatched to service the power lines and turn your power back on under the same protocols that have existed for years. Your local utility is still responsible for all aspects of delivering and servicing your power. Your property, along with all other consumers in the […]

What happens when I leave the local utility and switch to a different electricity supplier?

The process is seamless and you will not even notice when the new supplier begins. You do not need any new equipment, meters, or account numbers – all of that stays the same. The only difference is that you will pay a competitive supplier for the electricity you consume rather than pay the local utility. […]

From which suppliers will you be soliciting bids?

All suppliers (ESCOs) are New York State Public Service Commission approved, and each contract is stand alone. FirstService Energy will be negotiating as flexible a contract as possible for this type of program.

What natural gas and electric accounts will be included in the program?

Natural Gas: The program only includes Con Edison firm and interruptible accounts, and National Grid firm accounts for heating gas only. Cogeneration accounts are not included in this program. Electricity: All electric accounts not already on an ESCO contract are eligible for the program. Electric accounts on an ESCO contract will be part of the […]

Will my local utility penalize my property for buying natural gas from a supplier?

No. When natural gas was deregulated in the 1980s, utilities became obligated to support customers who opted to purchase their natural gas from third party suppliers. The primary function of the utility is to take the electricity or natural gas that has arrived from the supplier at the utility receipt point and redeliver it to […]

Who will deliver my electricity or gas once I choose a new supplier?

If you choose a new supplier, your local electric or natural gas utility will continue to deliver the power or gas to your property. Your local electric utility will also continue to maintain and repair the poles and wires. The New York State Public Service Commission (NYPSC) will continue to oversee the safety and reliability […]

Does the ABO/FirstService Energy Aggregation Purchasing Program guarantee savings?

FirstService Energy cannot guarantee savings for your property. However, FirstService Energy has demonstrated exceptional energy procurement capabilities and has saved a substantial amount for many buildings already. We anticipate that these savings will continue.

What if I would like to fix my energy costs?

If you choose the Index plus adder contract option, the contract will be a variable rate contract for a 12-month term. However, at any time during the contract term, you have the option to fix the contract for the remainder of the term. This is one of the flexible options FirstService Energy has negotiated on […]

What procedures will FirstService Energy use for the Energy Aggregation Purchasing Program?

FirstService Energy will create two aggregated Requests for Proposals (RFP) – one for electric, another for gas – that will include the energy needs of all participants enrolled in the program. After two rounds of bidding, a vendor will be selected based on the most cost effective pricing for each individual property. Customer service also […]