What is the difference between FirstService Energy and other energy consultants?

FirstService Energy is owned by FirstService Residential. FirstService Energy advises clients of FirstService Residential on ways to reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions while improving property values and quality of life. FirstService Energy’s goal is to deliver both savings and stability to ABO members and FirstService Residential properties. To that end, FirstService Energy is focused on a long-term approach to the energy market as well as short- and long-term savings. Other energy consultants are focused on short-term offers.

One of the hallmarks of energy deregulation is that consumers are free to make their own decisions, and all the factors involved should be carefully weighed. The difference in purpose between FirstService Energy and other energy consultants is certainly one of those factors. Clients have already experienced major advantages in the Energy Aggregation Purchasing Program. Our unique market position and the vast size of our portfolio are major factors in FirstService Energy’s ability to negotiate an attractive rate and lower prices.