Tal Eyal

Tal Eyal, founder and principal of FirstService Energy, oversees all company operations including the energy procurement business, data analysis, and reporting of energy usage. Eyal’s expertise spans over a diverse range of energy projects culled from more than two decades in the property management and project management industries. He has broad experience managing heating conversion […]

Kelly Dougherty

Kelly Dougherty, president of FirstService Energy, helps FirstService Residential clients reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions by recommending customized strategies that significantly enhance building energy efficiency. She works with industry leaders and government agencies to keep our clients informed on the latest energy technologies, regulatory requirements and incentive programs. Kelly is a leading expert on […]

Benjamin C. Kirschenbaum

Ben Kirschenbaum, an attorney with 30 years of experience in law, residential management and brokerage in New York City, directs all legal matters on behalf of FirstService Energy. He is a member of the Cooperative and Condominium Committee of the Association of the Bar of New York City. Kirschenbaum graduated from Duke University School of […]

FirstService Energy Edmond Ohin Headshot

Edmond Ohin

Edmond Ohin is responsible for designing integrated financial models to identify and evaluate various energy procurement scenarios that result in the most economical and cost-effective energy solutions for properties managed by FirstService Residential. He oversees the procurement of electric power, natural gas, and oil commodities. Prior to joining FirstService Energy, Ohin served as a Sourcing […]

Chris Normandeau, CEM, LC, LEEDAP BD+C®

Chris Normandeau is director of FirstService Energy in the East region. Normandeau collaborates with community associations managed by FirstService Residential to reduce energy and water use and costs by serving as a trusted advisor to boards.  Normandeau helps clients make informed decisions—saving them money, minimizing their carbon footprint, and improving their quality of life. Prior […]

John Skipper

As director of energy management at FirstService Energy for the NYC Metro Area, including New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, John works with our clients to help plan and develop a cost-effective strategy tailored to their unique needs and energy goals. Some of the projects John helps to manage include LED Lighting, Controls, Building […]

Suneel Gupta

Suneel Gupta works with the FirstService Residential Ontario portfolio, engaging the Executive and Operation teams to develop and execute on the Corporate Energy and Sustainability Platform. Gupta demonstrates to our communities, the importance of investing in energy management. At the core, these goals will improve building performance, enhance affordability, user experience, resilience, and reputation. By […]

John O’Shea

John O’Shea is responsible for finding solutions that best suit our clients’ energy needs and objectives. John’s main focus is on the Illinois market and portfolio, but also includes FirstService Residential East. He is eager to grow our energy team’s footprint across North America and has a passion for finding solutions to complex problems. John […]

Daniel Erickson

Daniel Erickson, technical program manager at FirstService Energy, leads the team in all things data, including audits, research, benchmarking, and streamlining the data collection process. Daniel also oversees the creation and distribution of all Energy Report Cards for our buildings. Daniel continuously improves our custom databases, creating user-friendly platforms for managers and clients.   Daniel has […]

Rithu Manohar

Rithu Manohar is a data enthusiast, skilled in eclectic data tools with a strong inclination towards Python. Formerly, a data analyst with IBM on process improvement projects, she has extensive experience in automation of data processing tasks and building visualizations for trend analysis in the non-profit sector. Since joining FirstService Energy, Rithu oversees the data […]