Suneel Gupta

Suneel Gupta works with the FirstService Residential Ontario portfolio, engaging the Executive and Operation teams to develop and execute on the Corporate Energy and Sustainability Platform. Gupta demonstrates to our communities, the importance of investing in energy management. At the core, these goals will improve building performance, enhance affordability, user experience, resilience, and reputation. By providing utility financial engineering, Suneel has managed to save over a million dollars for communities under the portfolio.

Through his work, Suneel has won awards such as, IESO Energy Manager of the Year (2018) and the Energy into Action-Energy Innovation Award for Best Multi-Residential Project (2018). Gupta is currently working on a book “Drunk History of Energy Management” and independently reviews ESG and large corporate sustainability reporting through the crowd sourced ‘The Hot Air Project’. Before joining FirstService Residential, Suneel worked in portfolio energy management at Minto and project development at Tescor before joining the FirstService Residential family.