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FirstService Energy Appoints Kelly Dougherty as Vice President

FirstService Residential, New York City’s leading property management company, announced today that Kelly Dougherty has been appointed Vice President of FirstService Energy, the firm’s energy advisory subsidiary. As Vice President, Dougherty will serve as a leader in the identification and application of energy conservation measures for FirstService Residential clients, including nearly 1,000 condominiums, co-operatives and multifamily properties across […]

Like Restaurants, Buildings Will Get Grades (D’s for Energy Guzzlers)

New Yorkers are used to seeing letter grades on restaurants and bagel shops. Soon offices and residential buildings will be getting something similar. Beginning next year, midsize and large buildings will not only have to report how energy-efficient (or not) they are, they will also be required to post letter grades issued by the city, based […]


Cooling Tower Compliance Seminar

On April, 9th 2019 – The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and FirstService Residential hosted a Cooling Tower Compliance Seminar at the FirstService Residential NY main office. Over 130 Property Managers and building staff members were trained on maintenance compliance requirements of Local Law 77 and ways to avoid receiving violations for non-compliance. […]


Sustainability Expo

On May 23, 2019 — FirstService Residential New York and FirstService Energy hosted our annual Sustainability Expo. This year, the event focused on the recently introduced legislation entitled the ‘Climate Mobilization Act,”, a groundbreaking package of laws impacting New York City’s buildings. All buildings 25,000 sq. ft. and larger must comply with this ambitious act […]


Boiler Control Efficiency and 2-Pipe Steam Orifice Plate Training

On January 30th, 2019 – FirstService Residential, FirstService Energy and FirstService Project Management hosted two training sessions: Boiler Control Efficiency Seminar and 2-Pipe Steam Orifice Plate Training. Over 100 property managers and building staff attended the event at the FirstService Residential NY main office. Read More

Grading Buildings on Energy Consumption

People might avoid eating at a restaurant with a “C” grade, but will they avoid living in a building with the same score? That’s the question building owners have to start asking themselves when a new law takes effect next year that will give properties a letter grade based on their energy consumption for the […]

Kelly Dougherty

Q&A: Sustainable Operations Practices From FirstService Residential

Kelly Dougherty, director of energy management at FS Energy, explains how the company handles expenses and maximizes operating budgets to enhance building efficiencies. Developing and implementing long-term efficiency strategies to reduce energy use, emissions and costs can be challenging, especially with the legislation changing frequently. As FS Energy’s director of energy management, Kelly Dougherty works […]

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The Case for Benchmarking

Did you know that buildings in the United States account for 40% of total energy consumed? This equates to roughly $450 billion spent on energy bills each year. The greenhouse gas emissions associated with this energy use is approximately 40% of the nation’s total output. One of the most cost-effective ways to decrease overall energy […]

High Performance Retrofit Track FirstService Residential

FirstService Residential, North America’s largest manager of residential properties, has long been a leader in sustainability. Over a decade ago, FirstService created the energy advisory subsidiary, FS Energy, to enhance performance and efficiency across their properties. In 2013, FirstService Residential was the first multifamily firm to sign up for the NYC Carbon Challenge and is […]

Our Year In Review

FS Energy’s Portfolio Continues To Grow  In Fall 2011, FS Energy set out to offer a “value—add” service for our FirstService Residential clients. From what started as a small program has now quickly grown to be the largest residential program in New York. Our cost effective energy purchasing program leverages the combined energy utilization of […]