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Kelly Dougherty, President of FirstService Energy, Featured in Mann Report

Kelly Dougherty speaks on how Community Distributed Generation programs can save buildings up to $10,000 in monthly energy costs. Read more here.

Kelly Dougherty, President of FirstService Energy, Featured in CooperatorNews

“It’s called Community Distributed Generation. It’s a program that New York State created for developers of small electricity generation sites. The energy developer installs the project, and individual ‘subscribers’ apply for the project benefits. Anyone with an electric or utility bill can subscribe to the project. Those individual subscribers get a discount on their utility […]

Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset, New York City

Properties Managed by FirstService Residential New York to Save $600K in Annual Energy Costs through Community Distributed Energy Generation Program

FirstService Residential, the leading manager of residential properties in the New York region, announced average monthly savings of up to $10,000 – or 6 percent in electricity costs – for participating condominiums and cooperatives in its management portfolio subscribed to a Community Distributed Generation (CDG) project. The monthly savings directly offset electric delivery charges, which […]


Live Webinar: Earn Money & Reduce Carbon For LL97

FirstService Energy will host a series of two webinars with Logical Buildings – Earn Money & Reduce Carbon For LL97 Using Live Data through SmartKit AI and Grid Rewards Programs – on Tuesday, January 24.  The 10:30 a.m. slot will be focused on engagement and participation for supers, resident managers, and operators. The 6:30 p.m. slot will […]

NYSBA: Energy Improvements Panel

FirstService Energy president, Kelly Dougherty participated as a panelist for NYSBA’s virtual event, Challenges And Opportunities In Financing Energy Improvements In Multifamily Buildings. Featured topics include Local Law 97 and strategies and funding resources. Visit NYSBA for more information.

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Planning to install an EV charger in your condo?

President of FirstService Energy, Kelly Dougherty, is featured in Fast Company’s recently published “You bought an EV and want to install a charger in your condo. Now what?” discussing EV chargers as an essential utility.

Commercial Observer: Multifamily Owners and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With the prospect of new regulations regarding gas-powered vehicles, EV charging stations are top of mind for multifamily owners. Read more here. Image from Commercial Observer

Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset, New York City

Reducing Carbon, Saving Money – A Discussion with FirstService Energy President Kelly Dougherty

New York City building energy codes are becoming more stringent, and will continue to do so as city agencies work to reduce carbon emissions in new and existing buildings. In an article published by The Cooperator Kelly Dougherty, president of FirstService Energy, discusses why carbon studies are the best first step for buildings looking to curb emissions and gain […]

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Kelly Dougherty, president of FirstService Energy, Featured in Commercial Property Executive

Around the country, building owners, residents, buyers and developers are asking more questions about reducing annual utilities, conserving water and measures to improve overall energy efficiency. FirstService Energy president Kelly Dougherty discussed the value of sustainable design and renewable energy systems in a recent article by Commercial Property Executive.

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FirstService Energy Appoints Kelly Dougherty as Vice President

FirstService Residential, New York City’s leading property management company, announced today that Kelly Dougherty has been appointed Vice President of FirstService Energy, the firm’s energy advisory subsidiary. As Vice President, Dougherty will serve as a leader in the identification and application of energy conservation measures for FirstService Residential clients, including nearly 1,000 condominiums, co-operatives and multifamily properties across […]